Indie Remixes, Part iii


It seems like I’ve been stumbling across a lot of pretty great indie remixes lately. I always love seeing how an artist envisions another’s song, especially when it’s another indie band adding their own spin to an already great indie track (as with the following). Here we’ve got Cut Copy remixing The Rapture, Yeasayer remixing Fanfarlo, The Naked and Famous remixing Unknown Mortal Orchestra and more. I actually prefer some of these to the original song, so I’d strongly recommend checking these out if you’re into that kind of thing. I know I am.

Sail Away (Cut Copy Remix) by The Rapture
Ffunny Frends (The Naked and Famous Remix) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Heart Attack (CSS Remix) by Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Shiny Things (Yeasayer Remix) by Fanfarlo
Hiccups (Butcher Blades Icecream Nightmare Remix) by Jinja Safari