Indie Remixes


With the emergence and booming success of the likes of RAC and Starslinger, Indie remixes are becoming increasingly popular on the music scene. These most likely aren’t the kind of remixes you’ll hear at a party and you definitely won’t hear them at a rave. Typically, they’re the instances of a musician or a band adding their own colors and flair to another artist’s work. They usually don’t meddle with the song to the point where it’s something completely different. RAC for instance, has a knack for taking an already original and hooky track and embellishing it without disemboweling it. A lot of times I think these reworked songs are better than the original. Plus it’s always cool to see how one artist envisions another’s song.

Indie Remixes Playlist

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1. Everything to Me (Christian Strobe Remix) by Lips
2. Colours (Xaphoon Jones Remix) by Grouplove
3. Escapee (Lo-Fi -Fnk Remix) by Architecture In Helsinki
4. Hawaii (Niva Remix) by Blackbird Blackbird
5. Rad Racer (Summer Heart Remix) by Work Drugs
6. Rollerskaters-Sleep Tight (Star Slinger Remix) by Starslinger
7. Cough Syrup (Ra Ra Riot Remix) by Young the Giant
8.Worse It Gets (RAC Remix) by Penguin Prison
9. I Remember (Painted Palms Remix) by Yeasayer