Joey Bada$$

Brooklyn’s Joey Bada$$ just released “Waves” off his upcoming 1999 tape. Dude is only 17 but you would never guess. Always refreshing to hear someone who can spit with something of value to express (ATTN dime a dozen rappers: we no longer care about your come up stories). I got stuck after “They say hard work pays off/Well tell the Based God don’t quit his day job.” There’s something about the rhythm of NY rap that no one else can fxck with IMO. Don’t sleep on the kid. Look out for 1999 next month.

| Like I told you, I know nxggas who trash rappin/Worried bout the trending fashion rather than descending passion |

Joey Bada$$ – Waves
Joey Bada$$ x Jay Steez – Survival Tactics
Joey Bada$$ – Blooming Blossoms (Flowers pt. 1)

“there are no limits” – bruce lee