Keepin It Electro

The crowd is flowing like a stormy ocean. There’s a sort of electricity in the air, my heart syncs to the beat. Pushing through the endless crowd, I have to get closer. Strobe lights blind my eyes; I throw on my sunglasses. The song is building up to something big; it’s EDC weekend and Felguk is melting my face!

Tantalizing beats, grimy cuts and just a pinch of dub. (Fel)ipe Lozinsky and (Guk)stavo Rozenthal know how to deliver.

Mason – Exceeder (Felguk Remix) <-♥♥♥♥
Felguk – 2Nite feat. Sporty-O <-♥♥♥♥

On the field or on the decks, nobody plays dirtier than The Netherlands. World renowned for dirty bass, addicting grooves and it’s electro edge, Dutch House is in a class of its own.

This Dutchman is recognized by the dance music industry as a refreshing take on house. There’s only one way to describe his style, “Big Room”, did I mention he’s only 22? Hardwell

Hardwell – Molotov <-♥♥♥♥
Show Me Love vs Be (Hardwell Bootleg) <-♥♥♥♥

The Epitome of Dutch House, Afrojack, killed it at EDC. Loud snares, heavy cymbals and annoying samples, but it’ll get you dancing.

Afrojack – Take Over Control <-♥♥♥
Afrojack – I’ll Be There <-♥♥♥


Mason, is slightly more underground. Their beats have a much more subtle taste but their synths are dirtier than my browsing history.

Mason – You Are Not Alone <- ♥♥♥♥♥

-Chronic Mncher