[LIB Spotlight] Chet Faker

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Hopefully you’ve been with us long enough to understand our praise for Chet Faker. What started as one of Flume’s consistent collaborators, turned into one of the most promising voices of the underground. He may look grungy and intimidating with that wicked beard, but you’ll have to refrain from judging this book by its cover. This Aussie puts out one of the most emotionally confident voices that just seems to put us at ease. His downtempo beats come off as a lullaby in recording, but pack a very unique groove when performed live. (Check after the jump for his Boiler Room set.) All of this bundled with his staggering debut album Built On Glass had him make our list of the best underground acts of 2014.

He’s set to go off at 7:40 on Sunday, which is bound to be one of the best sunset performances of the weekend.

Start this at 4:00 to avoid the set up

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