[LIB Spotlight] Lightning in a Bottle 2014

Lightning In A Bottle | Rush-N-Get-Em

While we may be new to the family, we know a good thing when we see it. The experience we had at The Do LaB’s 2013 Lightning in a Bottle music and arts festival changed our lives for the better. We didn’t experience the shady authorities first-hand but it appears it was enough for The Do LaB to find a new location for one of our favourite festivals. LIB 2014 will be taking place at the beautiful San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA.


Check after the jump for music and pictures we took of 2013’s installment.

PC:Philip Mendoza

All in all, LIB is likely to become a tradition among our festival family. We hope you’ll be road tripping with us to the middle of California come May. Pick up your Rush-N-Get-Em tickets on February 18th!