Review: Lil’ Wayne – Tha Carter IV

The times they are-a-changin’. Last we really heard of Lil’ Wayne, he was fresh off the release of No Ceilings, a tape that even his naysayers couldn’t help but respect. That, Tha Carter III, and his seemingly endless features had him sittin pretty atop the rap game as a bonafide superstar. Now, after a year hiatus at Rikers Jail in NY, we see Wayne as a shell of his former self. The Martian has lost his alien qualities (for the time being) and is fighting it out with the rest of the earthling artists. Even with “How to Love,” “She Will,” and all of “Sorry 4 the Wait” being shitty (I’m pretty sure he spent 2 hrs making that tape), I still reserved judgment until the album came out. It’s time to accept that Weezy F. has lost what separated him from the pack. Going back to writing seems to have taken his old style and dumbed it down. It’s to the point his signature chuckle after punchlines just seems arrogant because they’re not clever and get repetitive. So much happened in the time he was gone in terms of artists on the rise and new releases that it’s almost like he’s now struggling to stay relevant. After this kind of vacation, one would expect he’d come back with something that matched the quality and commercial viability of Tha Carter III, but this album ends up sounding like a forgettable mixtape. And to top it off, the jab at Jay-Z makes him look foolish and bitter while Watch the Throne is on its way to Platinum. Maybe we’ll see a resurgence like Kanye post-808s, but I’m not holding my breath. Who knows, maybe the reaction to this album will get him focused and back to the state of mind that produced the heat we were accustomed to before. In the meantime, I’m gonna go listen to Da Drought 3.


1. “Intro”
2. “Blunt Blowin’”
3. “MegaMan”
4. “6 Foot 7 Foot” feat. Cory Gunz
5. “Nightmares of the Bottom”
6. “She Will” feat. Drake
7. “How to Hate” feat. T-Pain
8. “Interlude” feat. Tech N9ne
9. “John” feat. Rick Ross
10. “Abortion”
11. “So Special” feat. John Legend
12. “How to Love”
13. “President Carter”
14. “It’s Good” feat. Drake and Jadakiss
15. “Outro” feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne, & Busta Rhymes