New and Improved C+A+D

Panda Bear at FYF Fest

Panda Bear at FYF

First off, we here at C+A+D would like to apologize for the lack of posts and music coverage you should have been kept up to date on. As you can see, we’ve undergone some pretty major changes to the interface of the page. The site is going to be going through some minor changes in the near future, but it’s all ready for your viewing pleasure. All the mp3s from here on out will be playable right off the site. So, you now have the option to preview a song before you decide you whether or not you want it it in your library…even though all of these songs should be in your library. Regardless, you now have options. ‘Tis a beautiful, beautiful thing. Anyhow, enjoy this post from Chronic Mncher until I can get another YOLO List and a review from FYF Fest, which I attended this weekend. What a great weekend it was.