OG YOLO (Drake – The Motto)

You Only Live Once. If it’s not your first time fuckin with us, you’ll know by now that phrase is what drives us. Musically it relates to the idea that life is too short to constrict yourself to blinding yourself to one genre of music. Without giving each type of sound an honest chance (aka listen to what people that love the genre give you), you’re seriously restricting yourself from potentially discovering a different type of music that could create a passion where there was none. More recently, I’ve discovered the phrase to mean a lot more. If you want to do something, fucking do it today. If you can’t do it today, create a plan for when you can do it and how you’re going to do it. Procrastination is funny to joke about but it’s soured so many great ideas and potential experiences. I’m talking specifically about thinking of something you want to do and deciding now is not the time to figure out a way to do it. Make decisions quicker. Every minute is another minute you’re never going to get back. Pull out of your instant gratification loop. Wake up. YOLO

Drake’s got a new track with Lil’ Wayne, “The Motto.” Now she want a photo/You already know though/You only live once: that’s the motto: YOLO. While I’m not pumped that Drake was the one to drop it in a song, I’m glad that it’ll adjust at least one person’s mindstate, even if temporarily. Maybe someone will embrace the lifestyle. As for the song, I’m just gonna leave a track I love off Room for Improvement to compare and you’ll know what I think of the Sprite Robot.

Drake – The Motto

Drake – A Scorpio’s Mind (ft. Nickelus F)

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