On The Contrary #8

Across the cliffs, turquoise sea
Free download, from RAC
Sandy hair, sit back, relax
We also got that new Bondax
A car is just a car
It can ride you near or far
Daft Punk remixed by Nicolas Jaar
It’s a force, of course
With no remorse
Disco discourse interstellar retort

-.. .. … -.-. — / -.. .- -. -.-. .. -. –.

Joywave – Tongues (ft. Kopps) (RAC Mix)
[audio: http://www.controlaltdelight.com/Music/UPEV1/01%20Tongues%20%28ft.%20Kopps%29%20%28RAC%20Mix%29.mp3]
Daftside – Get Lucky (128 kbps)
[audio: http://www.controlaltdelight.com/Music/UPEV1/Daftside%20-%20Get%20Lucky.mp3]
Daftside – Instant Crush (128 kbps)
[audio: http://www.controlaltdelight.com/Music/UPEV1/Daftside%20-%20Instant%20Crush.mp3]
Daftside – Beyond (128 kbps)
[audio: http://www.controlaltdelight.com/Music/UPEV1/Daftside%20-%20Beyond.mp3]
Blackstreet – No Diggity (Bondax Remix)
[audio: http://www.controlaltdelight.com/Music/UPEV1/No%20Diggity%20%28Bondax%20Remix%29.mp3]
Follow Me – Somethin’ Bout You
[audio: http://www.controlaltdelight.com/Music/UPEV1/Somethin%27%20Bout%20You.mp3]