[Playlist] Spotify Sundays: Week 1


My skepticism of Spotify was very much worth overcoming. I always took pride in the organization and vastness of my mp3 library. So much so that I didn’t even consider tarnishing my progress with some sort of online music streaming service; until recently. As space continued to be a growing issue (heh), I considered giving the behemoth a try. A month for free? Why not.. As I discovered, the pros very much outweigh the cons. Pros including: having nearly everything released commercially at your fingertips. Need I say more? It’s damn convenient! Cons: you need service or a general connection for it to operate. If you use it as a means to sample music and see if you like it before you download it, a lot of good can be done. Anyhow, I didn’t want this to be a Spotify lecture, but now at least you know it’s worth a shot if you haven’t made the leap. It is the future.

For those who have been with us for long enough, you’d know I used to do these weekly playlists called “YOLO Lists.” That was until Drake made “YOLO” a weird thing, and I was forced to change the name to “New & Timeless.” After 111 consistent weeks and persistent server/space issues, I opted out. The aim of the playlists was to get people out of their comfort zone and expose them to new, different music from the best of the best each genre has to offer. “Life isn’t too short, but too dear to be confined to any one genre of music, or to any one way of life for that matter. There is something worth listening in every genre, even country. Open your mind and your ears and give it a shot. You never know..” Hopefully its legacy lives on with Spotify Sundays. Listen below or open in Spotify.