Review: Phonte – Charity Starts at Home

Last Tuesday, the world jumped after months of delay and anticipation for the release J. Cole’s big debut; meanwhile, fellow Carolina native Phonte released what’s quickly become one of my favorite albums this year. Charity Starts At Home is the first solo album from Phonte after the split of Little Brother, and succeeds in proving that he’s one of the more underrated lyricists out there. He’s always had a knack for providing the unique perspective of an extremely talented artist that lacks certain rapper qualities (swag/female admiration/whatever) that guarantee commercial success. Most hip-hop artists today have an infatuation with going on about their rags-to-riches aspirations. Not to say I don’t enjoy hearing this style of rap that can motivate the laziest, but it’s refreshing to hear a point of view that’s realistic without reflecting any bitterness or hate. This goes further on other topics like critics (He said ‘Te I worry about you and the rap game/I said mofucka get a real problem;This rap shit is not the life I live/It’s a tool that I use that’s it). The only complaints from me are the love joints (“To Be Yours” & “Ball and Chain”) that slow the pace in the middle of the album but he’s just showcasing his expression I s’pose. Luckily, the rest is filled with raw bars and an effortless flow; Phonte should no longer be overlooked — this album is worth every cent of the $10. Cop it here.

$5 gas and poverty rates
Are rising much higher than your hourly rates
So if you thinking about quitting you should probably wait
Cause everybody gotta do a fuckin job that they hate
Go on live out your dreams that’s what they tellin’
Fam in my ear and they yellin’
Keep it real ‘Te and don’t ever sell out
Well how the fuck you sell out when ain’t nobody sellin
Tired of playin’ with yall
I wanna fight the good fight but it ain’t payin me dog

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01. Dance in the Reign +++
02. The Good Fight
03. Everything Is Falling Down
04. Not Here Anymore
05. Eternally
06. Sendin My Love
07. Ball and Chain
08. To Be Yours
09. Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
10. We Go Off
11. The Life of Kings +++
12. Who Loves You More

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