[Teasers] HARD Summer “Future Stars”: Paper Diamond | Body High | Green Lantern | Justin Jay

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In preparation (and anticipation) for the wonder that will be HARD Summer 2013, the Gary Richards gang have started a mini mix series dubbed “Future Stars”. The first four mixes are by Paper Diamond, the boys over at Body High, Green Lantern, and Justin Jay. The artists definitely fit the mix series’ claim, if they are not already past it. Catch the details after the jump.

Paper Diamond

We were first turned onto Colorado’s Alex Botwin (Paper Diamond) when his album, Levitate, came out in 2011 through Pretty Lights Music. So Precise was the song that caught our attention. Since then, Alex B has developed and honed his hip-hop and beat styled electro sound. If his mini mix is any hint at how his live shows progress, then we suggest you definitely stop by on Sunday. We’d be dumbfounded by anyone we see resisting the urge to jump.

Body High

Body High is Jerome LOL of the (temporarily defunct) LOL Boys and Samo Sound Boy‘s label. With Body High they have been credited for spurring on some very forward thinking music. Their whole mission is to chart the unknown in the arena of dance music – the avenue they are currently on has us hearing a fusion of funk, jungle, house, tech, acid and hip-hop. The variety will make for quite a unique set come Saturday.

Green Lantern

A superhero is always needed. Green Lantern presents himself as a superhero in the realm of Hip-Hop. He has a distinct mastery of the genre and is gladly helping to keep it fresh. He’s also aided in crafting mixtapes with various big name acts such as Jay-Z and Nas. His solo set consists of Trap and Hip Hop of the finest quality (which is few and far between).

Justin Jay

The most recent ‘Future Star’ mix comes to us from Dirtybird Justin Jay. Those of you that were out in San Diego last weekend (thank you) can attest to his skill in the booth. Justin Jay plays bass, deep, and tech house so very well. Those of you that haven’t had a chance to see him, we definitely recommend seeing him at HARD Summer. You’ll be most pleased with the positively funky set.