[Ticket Giveaway] Private Label Fridays: Azari & III + Manik @ LURE Hollywood 11/8

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Another weekend, another giveaway. This time around, we’ve got tickets for Private Label’s followup to Halloween weekend. Daylight Savings and the evident change in weather – it’s getting really cold – means we’re definitely in the Fall season. To help ease the sluggish transition, we’ve got Azari & III, MANIK, and the Gotta Dance Dirty crew warming up LA with some cuddle-worthy house.

How To Enter

Standard procedure: The contest ends at 5PM Thursday October 31st! The more ways you enter below, the better your chance is to win. Be sure to be ready to check your e-mail/twitter, because we’ll be giving it to the first people who respond when the winner is chosen. See you guys there!


Azari & III

This is Azari & III’s second showing at Private Label; these Canadians are legends where ever there is a dance floor. Given their comparatively short time in the soul-funk-house club scene (6 years), this means a lot. This will be a DJ set so we’re hoping to hear some new music that’s been influencing their unforgettable style.


NYC’s Chris Manik’s skill with synth and analog lets him produce some of the most unique house we’ve heard. He’s been garnering attention from the interweb since 2011 with his Brooklyn-house infused sound. His remixes of today’s avant-garde artists are also art-pieces in their own right. He’s got a new album in the works – keep your eyes open.