[Ticket Giveaway] Private Label Fridays: Gigamesh, Jessie Andrews & More @ LURE Hollywood 10/25

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Gigamesh, Supreme Cuts, Jessie Andrews, and Overjoy will be providing this Friday’s respite. These artists’ musical style hint that this will incorporate the usual groovy, disco jams – our favourite kind of party. Don’t miss it.

How To Enter

Standard procedure: The contest ends at 5PM Friday October 25th! The more ways you enter below, the better your chance is to win. Be sure to be ready to check your e-mail/twitter, because we’ll be giving it to the first people who respond when the winner is chosen. See you guys there!



A C+A+D staple, Matthew Masurka has and always will be a party-starter for us. In this specific case, he’ll be closing out the house with his pop-enthused disco. We don’t really have much else to say except that we love what he’s done for himself and all of us. He was recently commissioned for a remix in a Donna Summer’s tribute.

Jessie Andrews

Make no mistake, Jessie Andrews is a multi-talented vixen. Porn star and jeweler turned DJ, her quick rise in the music world can be owed to nothing else but her ability to create unique and plain old fun music. It elicits a funky feeling that not many others can replicate.

Supreme Cuts

Chicagoan duo Supreme Cuts will be bringing along their Windy City vibes. They’ve created a name for themselves with their synth-rap, diva-house sound. They’ve been working on a new album, and it’s definitely got feels.


LA natives DJ Metric and Hoff recently created Overjoy to spread their shared love of music. The two have created a blended sound of ranging genres that still somehow works. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this duo.