[Ticket Giveaway] Private Label Fridays: Purity Ring DJs, Thomas Jack & More @ LURE Hollywood 11/1

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Just when we thought Halloween was for the younger crowd, the LA music scene decided to prove us wrong. Those of you still kicking from Thursday’s sugar high will appreciate this Private Label Friday. Purity Ring, Thomas Jack, Young Diamond and Wilks will be providing the second serving.

How To Enter

Standard procedure: The contest ends at 5PM Friday November 1st! The more ways you enter below, the better your chance is to win. Be sure to be ready to check your e-mail/twitter, because we’ll be giving it to the first people who respond when the winner is chosen. See you guys there!


Purity Ring

This future duo generally produces based out, dark, and brooding pop music. This week they’ll be treating us to a DJ set. Suffice it to say, we really doubt any disappointment with hearing what is influencing their absolutely unique and addictive sound.

Thomas Jack

Tropical disco is never frowned upon, though recently it has often become muddled among the masses. When it’s produced as interestingly as Thomas Jack does, there can be no denying the versatility of great grooves.

Young Diamond

This’ll be Young Diamond’s second appearance at the LURE Patio. Last time we saw him, we were blown away by his completely eclectic assortment of songs. Somehow his set manages to bring the whole night together in a very special way.


Eric Wilkinson’s deep and gritty sound is perfect for the LA underground. His music is all about the shake and bounce. Think: ghetto house meets dark techno – all of his work is free for download from his SoundCloud.