Todd Edwards – Shall Go EP on Body High L.A.

Young L.A. based label BODY HIGH has been making some big noise the past few weeks. Collectively run by Trouble & Bass’ California attaché Samo Sound Boy and Jerome from the killer duo known as LOL Boys, these guys pulled a fast one and are releasing a huge new 5-track ep from Todd Edwards.

A name instantly identifiable by keen U.K.G. heads and snobs, Mr. Edwards is known for his ability to tie down a pretty garage roll with cut-up religious themed vocals and quick, thunderous builds; he’s nothing short of THE drive behind the emergence of Garage music in the U.S. in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. When combined with a label known for their Bass and ghetto-dancehall grooves, the result is ‘Shall Go’, a release dripping with a raw, modern take of a time when dance music was sweeter.

The tracks “Hold the Faith” and “Echos of the Past” are his gentle, complex garage beats offered on the album, and “The Stranger” is a reversion into his craft of layering lyrics into an inspiring message(he’s a devout Christian). Yet it’s the title-track and “This Generation” that really reach out. Both feature huge percussion, the former a stomping, inspirational anthem, the latter a uniquely massive drumline banger that features a sample from “Pass the Dutchie”. Stream the entire album below for free, and get your clickers ready, this bad boy drops tomorrow, keep an eye on his Soundcloud and Facebook.