Top Upcoming Acts From SXSW To Watch In 2014

What So Not @ IHEARTCOMIX Showcase

South By South West (stylized: SXSW) is unlike your typical music festival. First off, it’s not just a music festival. It’s three weeks long and split into technology, film, and music sections. The entire downtown of Austin, Texas and its outskirts get overrun by pop-up venues and converted restaurants to allow bands and DJs of all kinds to perform in their city. The best part? The music festival is pretty much free if you’re 21+. Everything is run by RSVPs and waiting in line. All you have to pay for is your flight, stay, and the best BBQ you will ever have in your life.

Every year SXSW cultivates artists from around the world to showcase what the upcoming year holds. Being the first proper music festival of the year, this gives upcoming and established artists alike a chance to create their buzz for the year during festival season. Some of these acts play for sub 500 person venues before performing in front of thousands later on in the year! This provides an insanely special environment for both the performers and fans. Check our top artists after the jump


BANKS (Indie|Female Vocalist) Soundcloud

After coming out of relatively nowhere, BANKS has gotten her tracks produced by A-listers in the game. While she still tries to remain low key (all we really know is that she’s from LA), her music is consistently beautiful and supported by her angelic voice.

Gorgon City (House) Soundcloud

The gap between soulful electronic and deep house is being bridged by Gorgon City. After having a thunderous opening set at HARD summer in 2013, Gorgon City is rolling on with huge, epic tunes left and right.

Chet Faker (Alternative|Downtempo) Soundcloud

Chet Faker is most well known for his cover heard worldwide (No Diggity)…and his wicked awesome beard. He was also one of Australia’s best kept secrets, but collaborating with Flume on his self-titled, and their own side EP, didn’t keep him a secret for long.

Rüfüs Du Sol (Indie|Alternative) Soundcloud

Rüfüs was a big surprise to me. I had never heard of them before, and I simply don’t understand why. Full live band, indie dance, synth heavy, amazing vocalist. Pretty much everything I like in a band nowadays. They balance on the line of electronic and indie quite often, which makes their music extra exciting.

Lemaitre (Alternative|Electronic) Soundcloud

These Nordic artists have been in the game for a few years now. When they started their sound was more along the lines of electronic, but last year they reached a pinnacle. When they introduced live instruments and stronger vocals, they solidified their place in the indie/electronic hybrid.

What So Not (Trap|Electronic) Soundcloud

What started out for most as another Flume side project turned into his partner Emoh Instead’s claim to fame. Their debut EP caught Skrillex/Owsla’s eye, and has since got them on a number of huge bills including HARD Australia, Stereosonic, Holy Ship!, and most recently Skrillex’s Mothership tour. They have since collaborated with RL Grime on “Tell Me” which has to be the biggest trap anthem of the year! Expect a lot from Australia’s trap stars.

Jungle (Indie|Electro Soul) Soundcloud

This outfit has no qualms with staying out of the limelight. Their music videos (which are really awesome, by the way) give no clue as to their make. Live, it’s 4 dudes and 1 girl making some of the most soulful music we’ve heard. And don’t worry, the addiction is normal. They also open their sets with sound clips of a very alive jungle. It’s awesome.

Wave Racer (8bit Trap) Soundcloud

Happy Trap is a term I never thought I’d have to use, but it’s the first thing I thought when I heard Wave Racer. He combines 8bit samples and sounds with copious amounts of bass that essentially forces you to bounce. All the while you’ve got this huge smile on your face. It’s really weird, but I guess that’s what he’s going for.

Temples (Psych Rock) Soundcloud

This British quartet is part of the movement bringing back the psychedelic sounds of the 70s. We were immediately reminded of The Beatles when we heard them. It’s a good thing, and we’re glad.

Bipolar Sunshine (Indie|Soul) Soundcloud

Mescudi-esque Bipolar Sunshine sings with so much heart it’s hard to not get lost in the hopeless romance of his lyrics. It’s not all sad-and-done though, hence the Sunshine. Listen with feeling.

Liz (R&B|Pop) Soundcloud

We’ve been all about the rehashing of 90 ‘s R&B/pop styles by way of LIZ before SXSW. Then we saw her live. Another stellar female vocalist garnering producer attention from all over; most recently Pharrell. We’re definitely still all about it.

Sango (Future Beats|Hip Hop) Soundcloud

Sango has been producing for years and has only recently been picking up traction in the more “mainstream” circles. The hype is absolutely deserved. He’s got some of the most creative structures in his style.