Welcomes Chronic Mncher!

Friends and family! I was thinking the other day that I want to try and do more with this site, because one or two updates a week isn’t as legit as it could be. I didn’t really know where to start looking, but fortunately my prayers were answered. The dude’s a really good friend of mine from home, and lemme tell you, this guy knows his shit. He’s been in the game for just as long as I have. He researches and goes way more into the depths of mash-ups and underground electronic than I ever have. You can bet im going to be picking up off his posts too. Without further ado, the newest addition to C+A+D :

I spend most of everyday texting, bbming and facebook messaging anything and everything music. Scouring deep forgotten corners of cyberspace; continuing the ongoing pursuit for sick, whack, crazy and just all around fresh beats. I’m here to share my passion for music with anyone and everyone who can appreciate. My name is Godzilla and I take the oath to deliver you the dirtiest, nastiest, panty dropping bangers I can get my hands on. You can call me Chronic Mncher.


French for ‘In The Style’, this duo is doing just what Ratatat did for electro rock and redefining the scene. In fact, If Ratatat, Axwell and Bach had a threesome and Wolfang Gartner was videota… I digress. Who knew violins could compliment dirty electro so well?

Something A La Mode – Paris Makes Me Feel Like Dancing <-♥♥♥♥
Something A La Mode – G-String <- ♥♥♥♥♥
BONUS: If La Roux had composed the music in ‘Requiem for a Dream’.
La Roux- Bulletproof (Nacey Remix/SMB Edit) <-♥♥♥♥

Girl Talk who?
The White Panda is completely killing the mash scene; they’re the definition of fresh. They just released their debut album this year, and it’s out of control. You can pick it up on their website. ALSO! Did I mention they’re going to be destroying the Roxy Theatre on Sept. 2? I didn’t? If you didn’t pick up your tickets already, you’re outta luck because they’re performing for a sold out crowd. Stoked for them, but I would have been down to go. Next time..

The White Panda – Got Some Stratosphere <-♥♥♥
The White Panda – Ms. Disco Boot <-♥♥♥
The White Panda – Heads Will Smack <-♥♥♥♥
The White Panda – One vs. Lil Wayne<-♥♥♥♥

Just a taste for what’s to come. I’ll try to keep shit fresh as often as I can. Got something you want me to hear? Send that shit Chronicmncher@yahoo.com. Enjoy the music.
– Chronic Mncher