Win a Night Out At a Show with C+A+D!

left to right: witler, chronic mncher, skinny genes, phil mendoza, +Jangbar
French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends (The Twelves Radio Edit)

We haven’t done a contest in awhile, and it’s a time of giving, so we figured it would be a good time for us to appreciate our readers. If you’ve been following us at all, you know how much we love good music, going to shows, and meeting like-minded people. This contest is going to satisfy all of that! Kinda sucks that this is probably going to be limited to our OC/LA/SD readers, because we wish we could fly you in from wherever. In a perfect world, we totally would…Onto the goods after the jump.

WHAT You Win:

1. A night out with C+A+D to a show of your choosing in LA/OC/SD. This includes a pair of tickets. (Max value: $30/ticket)
2. All your transportation figured out by us so you can party with a peace of mind. Even if that means I (Skinny Genes) be the DD for the night. For this, I’ll take one for the team.
3. Also, if you want to bring an external hard drive, I’d be more than happy to put my whole library on it. Doesn’t get much more YOLO than that.

HOW To Win:

I’ve always been into options, so for this contest you get two. Regardless, you first have to follow us on Twitter and “like” this post at the bottom of the page. For both options, @Tag at least 5 of your friends in the comments to have them back you up by “liking” it. Whoever has the most likes by January 8th wins!

Option 1
1. Write a comment on our wall saying what your favorite show you ever went to was and what made it so special.

Option 2
1. Email ali[at]controlaltdelight[dot]com with the address you want us to send the stickers to.
2. Take one of our stickers, snap a picture of it in a cool spot, and post it on our wall. Check the examples:

In Closing:

The winner will be announced on YOLO77. Going to shows with a fat crew makes it so much better. You can literally set the tone of a whole venue with even five people! I promise you’ll be in good hands too. I love taking people to shows, just hanging out, and making sure my friends are safe. Doing what I do best. Good luck!