Artist Spotlight: Wolfang Gartner

I’ve been making a lot of promises to get on with this post, and so the time has come. Wolfgang Gartner is coming up in a big way. I don’t know about you but with a weird ass name like that I assumed he was another European DJ making his name in the U.S. Wrong. Fool’s from Austin, Texas. How he stumbled on that name is beyond me.

I had heard his name here and there and got a few tracks from my buddy Maxim, but he really hit home with me when I saw him at coachella. He’s got the same glitchy, kinda dark, hard bass-y, progressive house thing going on that people who appreciate deadmau5 and Felguk would instantly love. The guy was my second favorite at EDC (followed closely behind Duck sauce). Not a moment of mediocrity in his entire set.

SO! I got a high quality live recording of his set from the Winter Music Conference in Miami that’s pretty comparable to the EDC set. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Jam out to these tracks.

WMC 2010
Fire Power Delightful Choice!
Hook Shot

let this Duck sauce track hold you off ’til i make the post

Barbra Streisand (Baby Diego edit from scratch) Delightful Choice!

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