Yo Pass The Kleenex

It happened in 2007. A National outbreak of sticky situations, Digitalism single handedly kept Kleenex in business. Setting the contemporary standard of music and breeding a revolutionary genre, fusing electro and rock. Filth nasty beats and grimy bass lines, blending them in a blissful frenzy like an Asian kid doing his math homework, paradise. Unfortunately, Soulwax stole the spotlight with their unparalleled live performances, leaving Digitalism in the shadows. Digitalism’s album “Idealism”, in my opinion, is one of the greatest most innovative albums of all time. If inducing unanticipated orgasms were an Olympic sport, Digitalism would be Michael Phelps.

– Chronic mncher

Digitalism – Idealism (2007)

1. Magnets
2. Zdarlight
3. I Want I Want
4. Idealistic
5. Digitalism in Cairo
6. Departure from Cairo
7. Pogo
8. Moonlight
9. Anything New
10. The Pulse
11. Home Zone
12. Apollo-Gize
13. Jupiter Approach
14. Jupiter Room
15. Echoes