YOLO Album Review: Wolfgang Gartner – Weekend In America

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Wolfgang’s hotly anticipated album was finally released a week ago, and I had to let it marinate before I could put in my two cents. Wolfgang has been in the game for longer than people are led to believe, and he still remains as one of the most consistent producers and DJs out there. Almost two years in the making, this album’s release was not taken lightly in the slightest. Nowadays, with electronic albums as a whole consisting mainly of standout bangers, expectations were still set high for Weekend In America, and Wolfgang managed to meet and exceed them in more than one regard. The album may come off as a dabble into a more radio friendly, mainstream sound but stays true to Wolfgang’s creatively hard hitting production abilities.

With tracks like “Get Em (Feat. EVE),” “Forever (feat. Will.I.Am),” and “Circus Freaks (feat. Jim Jones & Cam’ron)” Wolfgang takes a more worldly club take on hard electro house. The vocals come together to add more of an anthem feel to the songs. The crowd will be more involved in a live show in a way that only singing together can accomplish. “Baby let’s party all night long / Let’s make it last forever” or “All these damn freaks is a fucking circus!” It just seems like he put more time into carefully choosing who had the honor of singing on his tracks, and it shows. He mashes it all together so seamlessly and keeps from compromising his sound.

From start to finish, the album is most accurately put into words as the craziest Halloween party of your life in reverse chronological order. Weekend In America‘s undertone has a spooky feel to it that seems just right for the season. The shots start pouring themselves as you pregame to “Cognitive Dissonance,” letting go of all normal behavioral decisions and becoming victim to the evening. Tonight, you overshoot your limit almost as a means of proving yourself to the beat of “The Champ.” Shit starts to get crazy when you’re driving more drunk than ever, blasting “Shrunken Heads,” with its darker appeal, while your friends continue pounding drinks in the back. “Forever” comes on while your friends rack line after line of the purest cocaine, sending you into a frenzy of lusts and the want to party all night long. When you least expect it, you meet some “Circus Freaks” that set you up for your first “Ménage a Trois.” Dreams do come true! “Get Em” keeps the ball rolling as your new mates dose you with the cleanest ecstacy, forcing you to start the album over and over again. Definitely enjoy running through this one on repeat. Undoubtedly one of the best electronic LPs I’ve heard. Wolfgang is able to assure himself a spot in the electro hall of fame with this one. Kudos!

1. Get Em (feat. EVE)
2. Space Junk
3. Ménage À Trois
4. Circus Freaks (feat. Jim Jones & Cam’ron) Delightful Choice!
5. 818
6. Forever (feat. will.i.am)
7. The Way It Was
8. Shrunken Heads
9. Still My Baby (feat. Omarion)
10. Illmerica
11. The Champ
12. Welcome Back (Bonus Track)
13. Cognitive Dissonance (Bonus Track) Delightful Choice!