YOLO List: Week 9

Credit: Jason Shindler

Another day, another dollar. Another week, another playlist. I just shuffled through my library for this one. A little less personal, but it will get the job done. I’ve been needing a new mix. It’s week zero for UC people…when the regulated parties bring you down, listen to this:

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Delightful Mention!

Artist: sebastiAn

I’ve mentioned this guy in past posts, and by good reason. If you haven’t picked up some of his stuff yet, now is the time. sebastiAn has been with me since the beginning of my electronic music escapades. He has a sound and style that is unmatchable by anyone else. It’s kinda dark, has a lot of quick samples, that I feel would take ages to put together in the way that he does, and it’s bassy as can be…he makes sure of it. He’s also on Ed Banger Records, which is one of, if not THE most renowned electronic music labels in the world. With acts like Justice, Mr. Oizo, Uffie, DJ Mehdi and headed by Busy P, you can bet they wouldn’t be on their for nothing. sebastiAn made a CD full of remixes that you can get here. It’s a compilation of everything he’s remixed from 2005-2008. All good. All necessary.

Artist: Pretty Lights
I’ve been getting more and more into Pretty Lights as the days go by. They’ve been recommended to me on numerous occasions and have been at a lot of the festivals I’ve been to. For some reason, I have yet to see them. Apparently, their live show is where they get a lot of their acclaim. Pretty Lights consists of DJ/producer Derek Vincent Smith and Adam Deitch on drums, for live shows. They are very comparable The Glitch Mob, but still have their own thing going on. Smith started off producing a lot of hip hop beats early on and the result was Pretty Lights. He samples a lot of vintage, funky soul songs and mixes it up with his take on hip hop and synthy electro. A very unique sounds that makes for a pleasant listen. All of their albums are available to download for FREE on their website. He requests a small donation if possible. For these tunes, I can make the sacrifice.

There you have it folks. School is almost in session…let’s hope it doesn’t restrict the flow of posts. The YOLO lists are too fun.

-Skinny Genes