YOLO List: Week X

Credit: Jason Shindler

Ten weeks of this…wow. Can’t remember the last time I’ve committed myself to something for that long, and I couldn’t be happier. I love that people have been going out of their way to tell me they’ve been picking up from these lists, because that’s the motivation I need to get it done. Very busy week with school starting, and I had to miss out on BOTH socal Ratatat dates because of it. My friend and I entered a contest and won tickets to the Pomona show, but I couldn’t go so I had to live vicariously through her that night. I only cried a little, though, and I’m sure they’ll come back. On the other hand, I did get to see my friends’ band In Fear and Faith that night at sold out Chain Reaction, which ensued some nostalgic memories. Nothin’ like a hardcore show to unleash some anger on teenage scenesters. Concerts are concerts, so I still had a great night. Have a good week and good luck on midterms to state schools!

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Delightful Mention!

Artist: Ratatat

Because of their socal shows this week, I haven’t been able to stop talking about them. Much to my surprise, a lot more people haven’t heard of Ratatat than I thought. This raises a major problem. Ratatat opened for Daft Punk the last time they were in LA, and they wouldn’t let just anyone carry that honor. Ratatat is an electronic/indie music duo out of Brooklyn, NY, composed of Mike Stroud (guitar) and Evan Mast (bass, synth, producer). Their music is more on the synthed-out, electronic side with added guitars and toe-tapping drum beats. A lot of their songs would work great for hip-hop artists to rap over (they’ve worked with Kid Cudi on songs like Pursuit of Happiness) or for mix tapes. They’ve provided us with two remixed mix tapes doing just that (Volume 1/Volume 2). I threw one of their mix tape songs on the YOLO list for you to get a feel of what they can really do. Hopefully, they come back soon because they’re latest album LP4 is my favorite and I need to see them throw down live. Here’s a picture my friend took from their sold out show at Pomona…it hurts to look at:

Artist: Beck
I’ve been listening to Beck consistently since the first time I ever heard him. He’s got a sound that I haven’t heard anywhere else. He combines a lot of rock, classic and new, and electronic while adding a weird funky feel that only he can pull off. All of his albums differ greatly which makes him very enjoyable to listen to. Pretty much has an album for every mood. Whether you wanna dance, or cry, or chill, or jam, he’s been there and has got the tunes for you. I was fortunate enough to meet him after I saw Air at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, because my friend was nice enough to give me friends of the band tickets. When we were in the waiting room to meet Air, I looked to my left and lo and behold there he was! I had to say something, so I just told him how much his works meant to me and asked if he was planning on playing in LA or making more music. The future looks grim in that regard. His live shows are action packed affairs, so you can bet I’ll have my fingers crossed for sure. Coachella, please Beck!

Kelis – 4th of July (Rusko Remix)
Rusko does it again, that cheeky bastard. You’ve probably heard me talk about him on here, and if not, just know that I gotta lotta love for the guy. He’s dubstep’s frontrunner in the world and has finally made the big move to LA to evoke some change in the scene. His last album was a major disappointment and is nothing like the sound of this song, so don’t let it fool you. His remixes and EPs definitely make up for it, though. Check out Chronic Mncher’s dubstep post to get the 411 on his bangers, and then some. I’m very selective with my dubstep, as it either hits home or is garbage. This song is the direction I hope dubstep heads towards. Super heavy, lots of creatively quick samples, and dirty bass drops. Make sure your speakers are turned up all the way, because dubstep just isn’t the same unless that bass is rattling your core.

Can it be Halloween all ready? Fuck man…I can’t wait for Haunted Mansion. Let me help you make your decision: Night 1/Night 2

-Skinny Genes