YOLO Mention: Remix Artist Collective (RAC)

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Hopefully by now those three letters are more familiar to most of you. Lots of these guys’ remixes have been all over the blog world and for good reason. Remix Artist Collective are remix professionals. Not sure if you recall how I feel about a truly great remix, but in my opinion, it’s one that showcases the remixers sound and ability without compromising the original vibe of the remixed. Andre Allen Anjos started RAC on his own with the release of RAC Vol. 1 but expanded by adding Andrew Maury and Karl Kling for help on later releases. Their main focus lies on indie tracks, which they convert into disco dancy goodness. Time and time again, RAC delivers some of the most fun renditions of a lot of songs we love and a lot of songs we should know. Best part is, all their stuff is free on their website.

RAC is spinning a local set in Costa Mesa on June 15th that you can definitely count on me being at. More details here. Tickets here. I jumped on the opportunity to meet them, and it looks like their management is going to hook up an interview for the date. STOKED! Here’s their soundcloud player along with links to download all their album releases directly.

Remix Artist Collective

click the links to DL
RAC Vol. 1
RAC Vol. 1.5
RAC Vol. 2